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Healthy Living Gift Guide

Gifts to nurture the body and soul.

With the holidays fast approaching, it can be hard to find something meaningful to give to everyone on your list; gifts that will truly show how much you care about your loved one’s complete body and soul. So, that’s why I thought I would share with you my top five healthy living gift ideas for this holiday season. Let’s get started.

Gift 1

Epsom Salt

Now, everybody’s heard of Epsom salt. Guess what it does!? It reduces stress. Which is increasingly necessary around the holidays. If you’ve been standing on your feet all day, a foot bath will release the soreness from your feet. If you take your bath at night, it will help you sleep by removing lactic acid. Epsom Salt is a beautiful thing to share with those you love, to help make their pamper time a little more relaxing.

Gift 2

Massage Roller

I actually use this roller on my massage clients when I find that I can’t get as deep as I want into the tissue of tight muscles. The pressure of the roller and the way that it imprints into the muscle, moves the tissue and increases the blood flow to the area. This item is a really great gift idea for any athletes or runners you may have in your life.

Gift 3

Animal Skins

Gift idea number three is something I am really passionate about. I sit on animal skins when I am in my chair or practicing yoga. It is such a natural product that helps to keep me warm in the cold winter months, as well as makes me feel that much more connected to the earth. That connection supports the lower root chakra in our bodies.

Gift 4

Uriel Body Oil

This is an item that I recommend if you’re passionate about only putting high quality ingredients on your skin. For a great night’s sleep I recommend the Aurum Lavender Rose Body Oil. For bodies that are sore, I recommend the Birch Arnica Body Oil, made with pure Arnica flower and Birch extract. I am so connected to the earth and Mother Nature that I would only want a non-petroleum based, conscientious product, and Uriel is exactly that.

Gift 5

Massage Gift Certificate

The most spectacular gift that you could give to yourself or someone you love. I am offering discounted gift certificates for this holiday season. Experience a 90min massage for only $100 (usually $120). We will work together on supporting what you need, whether it be a luxurious relaxation massage or a 90 min deep tissue massage. Call me, text me or send an email and we will create a wonderful experience together.

So, those were my top five healthy living gift ideas for this holiday season. I hope that you treat yourself with love and kindness, and that you spend quality time with your family, friends and nature. I hope to see you soon.

Posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 by Deborah Cautela