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Incorporate More Joy.

Hello Friends,

This morning; I read in The Mountain Astrologer forecast for today and thought it was perfect to share because, “we’re health conscious due to the Moon’s sextile to healer Chiron. We benefit from massage, aromatherapy and similar soothing treatments.” We know that work and no play is unsustainable, so, can we pamper ourselves without abdicating our responsibilities?

The healer Chiron has been my guide this winter as I moved my massage practice to 2 Virginia Avenue, Camden, Maine. I am embracing my vulnerability of moving into a new space. It reminds me of the feeling I get when a new client comes for a Phenomenal Touch massage.

Through consistent, reliable communication, boundary development, and honoring, we can build strong and testable trust skills. The foundation of feeling safe is what everyone seems to be drawn to. We will migrate into your personal lives and relationships. Many Phenomenal Touch clients have had their lives turned upside down and back side up with their growing process.

When a client asks for a relaxation massage, I am pleased because I know they are in a space of trust and comfort and are willing to express their needs to me genuinely. For a relaxation massage I use a Rose Massage and Body Oil from a wonderful company called Uriel, for all skin types to gently nourish the skin and enliven the senses. It has sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, rose petal extract with essential oil blends of chamomile flower extract and St. John’s wart extract.

When a client comes for a Phenomenal Touch massage stressed out, anxious, nervous or sore with muscle aches, I apply Birch Arnica Massage and Body Oil for all skin types to relieve tired muscles and sore joints. This aromatic oil is also good after exercise or physical work. It has sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, arnica flower extract, birch bark extract, burdock root extract, and nettle leaf extract essential oil blend.

One of the fun parts of my job as a “touch” therapist is to educate as well as plant seeds for good nutrition, exercise and a positive attitude. But I also teach clients on how to become better receivers of Phenomenal Touch. Diaphragmatic breathing; becoming the “rag- doll”; releasing into space; trusting; exploring; opening to new possibilities.

But honestly, most nourishing of all imprints to me is the gratitude I feel when a client heals. We develop relationships that grow and evolve as time goes on.

I love that you have come for a massage. You showed me that you can pamper yourself, show up and take care of yourself. Thank you sweet souls.

May you find comfort in your senses…touch, smell, sight, hearing, intuition and taste.
May you be content with temperature, textures, vibrations, moisture, softness, hardness.
May you keep the conversations flowing.
May you let yourself emit sounds continually during the session.
May your breath with intention…deep inhaling and toning, growling, humming on your exhales.
May you know that you are loved as you emerge in a a new way … a journey through the senses. Opening to new possibilities.

Many blessings, Deborah

Incorporate more joy in your life by giving yourself or someone you love a Phenomenal Touch Massage.


  • First Intake Session 120 Minutes: $145
  • 90 minute follow up session $12
  • 60 minute follow up session $100
  • 30 minute mini session $55
  • 20 minute chair massage $40

Packages made easy:

  • Package of 10 sessions of 90 minutes costs $1050. Good for one year. Each session is $105. A thank you gift of $150
  • Package of 5 sessions of 90 minutes costs $525. Good for six months. Each session is $105. A thank you gift of $75

Referral thank you:

You will receive a $20 credit for any referral you make that comes for a massage. Your friend will also receive $20 off their first session

Posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 by Deborah Cautela