A Respectful Touch

“There is vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.”
Martha Graham

The importance of establishing trust and safety in a massage session can not be overemphasized. Trust must be earned. We can develop a safe and caring and professional massage relationship over time.

Your visit is ultimately the most pivotal in establishing a foundation to work together from. I love to guide people through a process by taking the time from the very first visit to talk and name boundaries with and around the message and ask you to do the same. Along with a health history review, our first visit takes about 20 – 30 minutes of the very first session, and it is well worth the time. You will gain much depth about the 90 minute massage and begin the trust building process that is absolutely crucial to the success of a good massage session relationship.

I want to know your story, your past experiences with your body, aches and pains, traumas, and physical concerns and injuries. They are powerful and necessary to be understood. We will discuss previous bodywork experiences, good and bad. I will describe my approach to bodywork. We will discuss communication styles, the importance of feedback, draping and the intimate nature of bodywork, being clear about boundaries. I will describe the process of opening up to the opportunity to hear the “body’s story”.

Your body never lies. Your body pursues growth and functions using the sources it has available to draw on. We can observe the vitality of your body by appearance. On a less obvious level, we can feel tissue structures, temperature variations, fluidity and mobility displays, vibrational and energetic strengths and weaknesses, and expressive outlets such as sounds and movements.

We encourage “body talk” that will be filled with honesty and rich sensory expressions. As our relationship grows, your body will drop deeper and deeper into trusting.


A Master Phenomenal Touch ™ Practitioner and graduate in 2013 from The Institute of Phenomenal Touch ™, Eldorado Springs, CO. Approved by NCBTMB #400919-00.

Deborah completed the 5Rhythms ™ Movement Therapy Training for Therapists and Healthcare Professionals with Andrea Juhan, PhD in 2009 and holds a certificate from the IBP- Institute Winterthur Switzerland.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work degree from the University of Southern Maine in 2007.

Additional training includes Anatomy Trains 2017 with Tom Myers & Liz Koch, The Inner Core; the Psoas-diaphragm dance.

Deborah has been bringing humanistic psychotherapy, movement and bodywork to people since 2000.